Monday, May 7, 2007



Patients with mild to moderate myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism

Mild to moderate, for 24 to 48 hours

Three days to four weeks

1 to 3 days

4-8 weeks, possibly more

3 to 5 days

3 weeks to 2 months

Low (Less Surgeon Dependent)

Safe; effective; no weakening of the cornea; computer-controlled and thus less dependent on surgeon’s skill


  1. Best Candidates Useful in most patients, particularly those with moderate to severe myopia
  2. Pain after operation
    None to minimal for about 24 hours
  3. Time frame for seeing clearly after operation
    Within 24 hours
  4. Days off work
    1 day
  5. Post Op Medications
    1-2 weeks
  6. Functional Visual Recovery
    24 hours
  7. Optimum Visual Recovery
    1 to 4 weeks
  8. Risk of Complications
    Low (More Surgeon Dependent)
  9. Advantages
    Rapid recovery; little pain; long term stability; lack of scarring; able to repeat procedure if necessary; effective on higher levels of myopia
  10. Disadvantages
    Requires skilled surgeon

Whats The Diffrence?

Both Lasik and PRK are procedures to correct vision. Hopefully the end result being 20/20 eye sight. Laser vision correction performed under a flap (LASIK) offers numerous advantages over laser vision correction performed on the cornea’s surface (PRK). Notably, there is a more rapid improvement in the vision and decreased discomfort with LASIK since epithelial cells have been preserved and do not need to grow back. This is without doubt the reason that LASIK has become the corrective surgery of choice for both doctors and patients. However, in some patients, PRK is a safer alternative that may promise better outcomes. Patients who might benefit from PRK include those in whom the cornea might be too thin for LASIK, or in some patients with corneal irregularities or scars.
I personally had the PRK because it was free for me. The outcome is excelent. It has been over two years now and I can see great. My father had the Lasik done about five years ago in canada and he can see just fine as well. He is an older man and still needs to wear reading glasses from time to time.

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